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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in this area with the right lane but the stall could be cleared. but you can see the backup is moving but it is all the way across the upper deck. here is what is behind the toll plaza. metering lights were turned on at 5:45 this morning which salarily for the bay bridge because of the stall. traffic is jammed to the macarthur maze. here is 80, getting crowded but still moving. bart is on time. we had an early problem. if you have to travel the bay bridge i would take bart or the spay yes bridge to avoid this backup. other mass transit is on time. it is a "spare the air" day so it could be the best way to go. >> thank you very much. breaking news from algeria the hostage situation, with a group of up to 20 hostages, including
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some americans escaped from the militant whose took more than 40 hole tags at the gas field. in the last hour, militants toll the news agency that a military airstrike killed some of the hostages and 14 of the militants. the situation now is fluid. the information we are getting is changing and being updated. we will bring you the updates as they are made available. developing news: a blow to boeing and the airlines that flight the boeing 787 dreamliner. all of the planes have been grounded. airlines are scrambling to rebook thousands of affected passengers. 14 airlines that fly the plane joined the f.a.a. in grounding the jets while battery-related problems are being investigated. this morning,ethiopia airlines were the last to fly them best grounding and are grounding them. the f.a.a. called for more inspection of the jet following the emergency landing and evacuation of an ana dreamliner
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in japan on tuesday. the airline has canceled their service to san jose that launched just last week. >> smart phone users in san francisco will be able to access a new type of restaurant rating not on the food, though. this is about your health, right? >> exactly. so many restaurants in san francisco, believe it or not, more than 3, 500, including a 24 hour diner on church street, one of many, you can check your computer or smartphone and you can tell which served up the best omelet and the health rating. yelp is making it possible and partnering with san francisco's health department to provide restaurant health inspection rating and customer comments in the name of transparency and food safety. restaurant managers and customers we talked to like it.
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>> i think according to when you get good advise you can see if you want to go. yelp will help you in that way. i agree. >> so many restaurants here it will be interesting, it will be easier to get away with stuff than in the smaller town if you are messy or not. >> the mayor will announce the yelp partnership later this morning. the information will be online soon. san francisco is the first city in the nation to do this. new york city may follow. the mayor says he hopes the partnership will keep on all restaurants in san francisco at the top of their game. if san francisco for abc7 news. >> at 6:04, today san francisco is the center of graffiti fighters around the world. city officials are hosting the zero graffiti conference hoping
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to develop new legislation and other preventive ideas. the goal is to generate a world-wide network of cities and neighborhood groups to share ideas and cooperate on solutions to fighting graffiti. >> president obama's proposal for sweeping reforms to the gun control laws has many gun owners concerned spurring sales of some weapons that will be banned. the jackson arm shooting range and shop in south san francisco has seen 300 percent jump in sales sin the sandy hook elementary school tragedy. after the president's call if tighter gun control, they expect demand to continue. each gun store in the bear area is out of a popular assault rifle. >> this is a special brand, a california legal. if we had one it would be gone in a minute. >> ammunition is getting if short supply with many manufacturers out of stock and deliveries are six months to a year out. >> if marin county the district attorney says you may not have enough money to pay the people
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who turned in their weapons during a four-county "buy back" program. officials handed out $70,000 worth of vouchers on tuesday but only raised $43,000 to cough that and a total of 827 weapons were turned in and another buy back is set for monday. currently it is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the san rafael and mill valley police department but do not expect to get any cash this time for turning in your gun. >> new data shows asian immigrants are eclipsing latinos in california. in 2011, 57 percent of new immigrants to california were from asia. 22 percent were from latin america. that is a dramatic shift from a decade ago when 42 percent of california immigrants came from latin america and 37 percent came from asia. the drop in immigration from latin america is partly tied to the tough committee and the demand if more highly educated workers. >> and a lot of the jobs are
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high-tech-related. >> with the traffic and weather next on abc7 morning news and a live look outside at a shaky look at the bay bridge where we still have some problems. big delays. sue will cover that next. >> also, two -- too hot to scare, the heat scare during the middle of the australian so if you have a flat tire,
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>> welcome back at 6:10 on thursday. now, the cold temperatures waiting for you outside. we are subfreezing inland but napa is close to 33 and antioch at 39. we are in the mid-30's at fremont and 32 in los gatos and mid-to-upper 40's in san francisco and half moon bay. 28 in santa rosa and half mile visibility and black ice could be building on the bridges. be careful up there. mid-50's to low 60's under sunshine but, remember, it is a "spare the air" day. sue? >> one stall on the bay bridge for 30 minutes. the upper deck is jammed. the stall is gone. but you will find yourself in sluggish traffic with metering lights turned on at 5:45, very
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early for the bay bridge. the backup is through the macarthur maze. the drive from antioch, very slow, typical, and you move to pittsburg it picks up. from the central valley you have a grind from 205 and over the altamont pass and then it eases up in the dublin/pleasanton. we look at the drive time, carquinez bridge to the maze is 20 minutes. the backup is bay bridge to san francisco under 20 minutes and the san mateo bridge is looking good at 13 minutes. that is typical from hayward to foster city. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, the heat was too much to handle for tennis fans watching the australian open. several people watching the double match passed out in the stands today in melbourne. they had to be escorted out. the temperature reached well over triple digits topping out at at 106 degrees.
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>> smartphone cameras are getting...smarter. we are ahead with features making it nearly impossible to take a bad picture. >> a bucket head bandit. a mistake that landed this accused criminal behind
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, here is a look at jet stream or the storm track going well to the north and well-off to the east of us but now moisture is trying to come up from the south keeping our lows up a little bit and bring
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more fog in the forecast so something we will watch as we head into the weekend. still frosty in many areas especially inland and mid-50's at lunch time but "spare the air" in the afternoon and low-to-mid 60's warmer-than-average on friday, saturday, and sunday. eric? >> thank you. new video shows the bucket head bandit -- we cannot make this up." a 23-year-old broke into a seafood restaurant and stole cash from the register while wearing this bucket as a disguise. police say they managed to identify him because he lifted the bucket for a moment to look around the corner. he now is facing burglary charges. you may want to go back to the drawing board. >> new data this morning that shows fewer u.s. homes have been repossessed according to the foreclosure listing firm with banks repossessing 671,000 homes
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last year down 17 percent from the year before. they base the foreclosure activity on the number of homes that receive at least one foreclosure filing by the lender. >> president obama's inauguration on monday and numbers show big donors are not stepping up the way they did in 2009 to pay for the festivity. 463 people contributed $50,000 or more four years ago to the presidential inauguration committee. this time, only a dozen people have done so. among the big names missing this year are the gates and denzel washington. speaking of stars in utah, the sundance film festival kicks off and 50,000 artists and film industry leaders and fans are expected to descend for the annual event. the event including movies along with panel conversations, musical performances and award shows. an interesting note, getting a hotel room in park city could be pricey during the festival with a room that normally goes for
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$600 is now at $3,000. another interesting note, they are handing out 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to prevent the flu. >> hope that is free because the rooms are expensive. >> now mike has a look at the forecast. >> we were talking about the food and if the mayors have a bet. i put it on facebook and so far for san francisco, we have sour dough and the chocolate and grits from atlanta, and a famous hotdog and barbecue. i would never have thought of barbecue. that is pork barbecue which is vinegar baseed. move on to the weather, go to you can weigh in.
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looking at the embarcardero it is quiet. notice the trees are not swaying, not much of a wind and the stagnant air will yield poor air quality in more of the bay area and north bay, east bay, and even around san francisco. on top of the mountain you can see the dry air is being picked up with in clouds. well talk about what is going on for today. we will have hazy sun shine and a "spare the air" day again. as we head to tonight, it will be frosty inland again with the temperatures showing up inland again but notice around the bay we are warmer than yesterday, mid-30's to upper 30's and mid-40's around san francisco and half moon bay and you can see upper 30's around monterey bay and 42 am salinas but frost to the south. headed to sunday our highs have been ever so slowly warming he
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will do that and be at height on sunday. 60 in redwood city and napa, one degree warmer than average, and oakland is five degrees warmer than average at 62. antioch and livermore at 56. we will be at 62 in san jose. the temperatures to the south are mid-to-upper 70's in monterey bay and low-to-upper 60's inland. a few 20 inland but a lot of low 30's to upper 30's tonight and mid-40's in san francisco and the coast. tomorrow through saturday morning, sneaker waves so we have a beach hazard up and down the coastline. the surf is more dangerous saturday night at, rather, saturday morning at 10:00 to 4:00 as the swells are up to 20' with a dangerous rip current and large waves. be careful at the beach because
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i know you want to enjoy the 60's in the sunshine this weekend. next week we cool by wednesday and still dry all seven days. >> the east shore freeway commute as you move from richmond beyond the golden gate fields university island, it is real slushing, bumper to bumper, and here is how the bay bridge toll plaza looks, metering lights were turned on with a stalled pickup for over 30 minutes and that has been cleared but the damage has been done and heavy on the upper deck and the car pool lanes are getting by here nicely. we will look at the drive binds from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze at 20 minutes and the bay bridge to san francisco is 18 minutes. that does not account for the backup on the bay bridge so add ten minutes to that. the good alternate is westbound san mateo bridge and this is an easy drive up and over toward foster city and no delays on bart, another good alternative if you commute the bay bridge.
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>> this is the water cooler story of the week, a star football player from notre dame is caught in a stunning hoax. what will happen in the case today. but, first, smartphone cameras, our pans at consumer reports look at the high-tech features that promise even i can take a
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>> smartphones keep getting smarter including the cameras that come with them. >> 7 on your side and our partners at consumer reports look at the high-tech pictures that give you a perfect picture. >> are you tired of taking lousy photographs? >> the smartphones can snap up your game with incredibly special camera features. the new technology can help you solve some age-old photo challenges like a pro. >> professional photographer says it can be tough to get a good group photo. >> it can make-or-break a photograph if one person is blinks or with a bad expression. >> what if you get the best take of each person and combine them into just one photograph? >> can you do this with some smartphone cameras. here is how. snap a photo and choose a person and thumb through the poses and pick the one you like best
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combined with the best takes of the other people in the photo. then you have the best possible picture. phones like samsung and galax and lg and lumina 920 offer this feature. if someone ruins a shot by walking in on it you can remove them. >> tap what you don't want in the know to and the camera takes it away. on some phones can you set it to certain words like "cheese" and the camera takes the picture. ever miss a shot because you did not take it fast enough? the lg senses when your finger is about do snap a photo and takes multiple shots so you do not miss the moment. with smart 15s, getting smarter, you will have fewer excuses for taking a bad photo. >> consumer reports expected to
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see these features begin to show up on traditional cameras in the coming year. the samsung galaxy and digital camera allow you to combine the best takes of each person for multiple photos and combine them all into one picture. >> vacation photos about to get better. >> people could take photos at the maverick surf competition with the surfing world ready to descend on the san mateo coast. >> duped? or deception? the romantic hoax entangling a star notre dame football player and the impact it could have on his nfl hopes. >> they did it in san jose. now they are doing it around the world. coming up, the latest developments from overnight regarding the dreamliner. >> good morning, a big backup at the bay bridge. we had an early stall on the
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upper deck that jammed things up and now it is backed beyond and into the macarthur maze and sluggish into san francisco. we have the rest of the thursday morning commute when we come
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on thursday. at 6:29, sun is about to rise over the east bay hills a gorgeous shot and it looks a little bit windy. don't you think, eric? >> it does. also looks clear. so that means cold. mike? >> it is windy on top elevations but the calm conditions have led to another "spare the air" day. good morning, everyone. you can see how dry it is on live doppler 7 hd no radar
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returns and no clouds. more of us could have poor air wait from the in the bay and east bay and south of the san mateo bridge into the santa clara valley you have moderate air quality so it will not cause you problems. we are all un"spare the air" today. there is forecast but not as much as yesterday low-to-upper 30's headed through 7:00. noon temperature in the low 50's. mid-to-upper 50's for the afternoon hours. inland, we fine most of our front at 127 to 37 now and over the next hour. by noon, we are in the low 50's and by 4:00, we will have the poorest air quality and mid-to-upper 50's. if you look to jog maybe you want to exercise inside. upper 30's and and low 40's on the coast. the temperatures will be bright. >> a big backup at the bay bridge and i want to show you other come mights because it is
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not so bad coming out of novato. this is south 101 toward central san rafael and funneling to the bay bridge with four lanes for the southbound commute. a nice day into san francisco from marin county. in san francisco, reports of 2a northbound, and this is a car fire blocking a lane of traffic here so we will golf that for you. kristen and eric? >> we will continue to follow the developing news involving boeing's troubled dreamliner, all airlines that use the 787, grounded the jet. amy joins us live from mineta san jose airport to breakdown what we know and the new orders. amy? >> big developments overnight. you will not see the dreamliner fly out of san jose any time soon. the f.a.a. ordered the jets be inspected. we have a list of airlines for you to look at right now, and the world is following suit.
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look at these airlines that decided they would be grounding the flights from india, europe japan, officials around the world are saying, we need to give the jets another look. this seems to being turning point, the emergency landing in western japan on wednesday, with smoke in the cockpit. passengers had to evacuate and some of them by the slides coming out of the planes. that is when san jose flights were grounded by ana airlines. two japanese airlines voluntarily stopped flying the lanes and, then, the last few hours, it began spreading around the world including in the united states. we only have one airline that flies the 787, and that is united. a spokesman says that the company will comply with the f.a.a. the planes will not be flying. if you are scheduled to go to japan out of san jose, you can sometime get there. at na will likely be sending you
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out of san francisco so check with the airlines before you head out the door. live? san jose. >> new this morning, people dining out in san francisco will now be able to access a restaurant's health ratings at their fingertips with yelpesting health ratings for restaurants online. the mayor is announcing this partnership with yelp at the mayor's meeting in washington, dc, saying it is a way to get government information to the public. also in san francisco the city's new law banning public nudity will go into effect next month but today the ordinance is challenged in federal court. a lawsuit filed by four nudists in november seeks an injunction based on their constitutional rights, what they say they are. the city attorney will argue on behalf of the ordinance as the federal court in san francisco and attorney for the plaintiffs wants it to apply to all nudists
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not just the four who filed suit. >> the governor brown will attend the board of regents meeting over the proposed budget keeping fee increases off the agenda. he says the university of california schools get plenty of help from taxpayers after votes approved proposition 30. he wants more students accepted from california community college. >> san jose police want you to look at the concept of a man wanted for trying to snatch a three-year-old girl from her mother's man. it is critical to get the man off the streets before he strikes again. he chatted with her and her daughter at their home on tuesday evening. we talked to the mom and she asked us not to use her name. neighbors did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary year. police say they are canvassing the area. >> in the east bay, police are looking for a 17-year-old girl missing since last friday, seen
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here, last seen leaving foothill high in pleasant ton. she is 5' talls and weighs 95 pounds. she could be headed to livermore. >> lance armstrong has been stripped of the bronze medal from the 2000 sydney olympic games. an interview that armed services committee did that lance armstrong did with oprah will appear on the air. he wanted viewers to judge overnight he said overnight how candid he was over criticism he did not reveal enough. >> another sports world scandal, notre dame university officials could hold a news conference today on the shocking story of a national colleague football star would claimed he was the victim of a terrible hoax. an investigation is underway whether manti te'o is the victim or the mastermind. all american linebacker and
6:35 am
heisman trophy finalist and notre dame captain gained national syma appeal and attention when in s&p his grandmother died and on the same day so did an alleged girl of leukemia. now the website has uncovered that no such woman existed. and manti te'o says the relationship was online and by phone and claims he was duped by someone using stolen pictures of a woman would says she doesn't know manti te'o. >> this was an elaborate and sophisticateed hoax perpetrated for reasons we cannot fully understand but had a certain cruelty add its core. >> notre dame says their own investigation fines no evidence that manti te'o masterminded the hoax and is preparing for the nfl draft. it is unclear whether the scandal will have any impact. >> it is just about 6:37 and traffic and weather next on the abc morning news and a live look
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at interstate 80 and a lot volume here some remitted to an early backup on the bay bridge. we will provide you with the answer coming up and mike will tell you how cold it is this morning. >> the coast will be a busy place this weekend. surf's up ahead of the maverick
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>> welcome back and now a look at the temperatures if you are stepping outside, dress for the below freezing temperatures inland but napa is close to 33 and antioch is 39. we are warmer around the bay shore mid-to-upper 30's around san jose and los gatos is freezing at 32. half moon bay and san francisco, mid-to-upper 40's. santa rosa, half mile visibility with fog and highway 128 in the northern part of napa county, there is black ice developing.
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be careful. temperatures in the mid-50's to low 60's today. as we step forward for the weekend we will be in the low-to-mid 60's with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. sue? >> the bay bridge could look typical but it extends beyond the maze and 580 backed to 24 and 80, look at 80 westbound backing now all the way to powell street and sluggish beyond that into berkeley and richmond. there was an early stall but they got that out of there. other problem spot is not 280 a car fire on the shoulder on the off-ramp and a four car accident southbound 680 in walnut creek is cleared to the shoulder but it is slow from concord. kristenst. >> the maverick surf contest is back if the first time in three years. the top big wave surfers hit the water on sunday at 8:00 a.m.
6:40 am
conditions have not been right the last two years to hold the contest but this week a storm near japan sent giant swells moving to the pacific coast. organizers say it should make for a great day of surfing. 11 time world champion is among the two dozen stars headed to half moon bay. mike is giving us warmer weather, it will be perfect if the contest. >> ahead, subway $5 foot long is coming up short. >> trading is underway on wall street as investors monitor boeing shares. the dow is up 30(añ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ
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>> los altos, antioch, and petaluma and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd across the entire state you have a dry drive no matter where you head. temperatures near 60's to big sur, 49 at tahoe and record is 60 but the normal is 43 so you above average. san diego is 69. palm springs and los angeles, in the mid-70's. eric and kristen? >> thank you, mike. time to check with josh for a look at what n "good morning
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america" in 14 minutes from now. >> is that not the strangest story you have ever heard? >> i can tell you, as we learn more it gets more strange and we expect to hear something from manti te'o himself. it is one of the most bizarre stories. >> nice hair cut, josh, thought i would throw that in. >> speaking of strange, listen to this. if you like the foot long from subway, it could be coming up short, actually. the sandwich giant is shortchanging temperatures -- customers because they are an inch short. four out of seven sandwiches ordered around new york measured only 11 or 11.5" and they use at tape measure and a theory is that they are saying toasted subs shrink a little bit and the
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cold ones do not shrink so maybe some of the toasted subs were measures. >> okay. what do you think they are watching on wall street? boeing? >> good news if you are in the market for an electric car. good news from jane king. >> good morning, boeing lower again after dragging down the dow yesterday. shares of the plane maker, we will see how they are doing, lower again, several days in a row. we have been reporting, there are continued problems with the battery on the dreamliner which has grounded flights. bank of america and city group trading lower after reporting results. stronger than expected housing numbers with new home construction jumping 12 percent in december compared to the previous month and work on multifamily homes, apartment builds, surging 20 percent. on the employment front, weekly jobless claims fell to five year
6:47 am
low. so, lots to digest. here is how the markets look this morning. higher across the board. the silicon valley index is trading to the upside. california drivers face the highest gas prices and nissan announce add cheaper leaf on the market with a base price of $28,000, top executive says the volt will be thousands cheaper when it comes time for the next model to hit show rooms. right now it starts at $39,000 before tax incentive. my son announced the price cuts this week. >> thank you, jane. >> we want did know what we should get from the atlanta mayor when we win the championship game? >> you mean the bet? we offer better stuff back in 1987, the baseball conference championships, between st. louis and san francisco, the radio station offered crab and we
6:48 am
offered toasted ravioli, the station i was working at in stimulus. we always offer better stuff. >> what do you think? >> pitching your ideas on facebook this is from my wife, she she wine from california and boiled peanuts. boiled peanuts. our a salty cured ham or sour dough or peach cobbler. >> that is bett. >> more comparable. thanks for playing, everyone, keep it up on facebook. here is what we are talking about weather-wise, looking down and it is breezy and clear sky out there and live doppler 7 hd shows detecting the clear, dry air this morning and the fact that there are in clouds so a beautiful sunrise around 7:25 this morning and the
6:49 am
temperatures, how should you dress before you leave? it is cold inland, with a lot of frost, and mid-30's from san mateo bridge to the south bay and 37 in oakland and mid-40's around half moon bay and san francisco and upper 30's for monterey bay and 31 at gilroy and 42 in salinas. hazy sunshine again today. our fifth "spare the air" day. no burning wood from midnight, from this morning until this evening. it covers the 24-hour period. clear tonight. frosty valleys again. probably want to burn wood but it will probably be another "spare the air" day tomorrow. that starts at midnight. today, we are warmer than 24 hours but oakland is 62 which is above average. concord is 57. san francisco is 58. two degrees warmer-than-average. fremont tops out at 61.
6:50 am
san jose is the biggest jump, five degrees warmer than yesterday. east bay valley is having the hard time joining the warming trend upper 50's elsewhere. monterey bay, from 64 at monterey to 68 inland to salinas at 67 in watsonville. the dry air, frost again inland, but not as much around the bay with mid-to-upper 30's and mid-40's around san francisco and half moon bay. the coast, maybe you want to go out this weekend, starting tomorrow night through saturday morning the big issue with the beach hazard is the sneaker waves those that smoke in -- sneak in and grab you. from saturday morning at 10:00 to sunday at 4:00 p.m., the bigger ripping wave that could get up to 20' and strong rip current so, please, be came mavericks is sunday, watch from a distance if you can.
6:51 am
our accweather seven seven show low-to-mid 60's throughout the weekend. cooler next week but we are rain free through wednesday. have a great day. >> to the san mateo bridge, it is a good drive from hayward toward foster city with the flat section and a few brake lights, this is the alternate to the bay bridge backup. we had an early stall and i want to show you the traffic app, you can see highway 580 back to 24, very, very heavy, and, also, 880 all jammed through the macarthur maze because of an early stall westbound section of the bay bridge and otherwise we have an accident southbound 680 at 24, and that is four cars involved on the shoulder and slow traffic remains in that area as you move through walnut creek and we have an accident northbound 880 at 23rd, a new accident, involving a pickup on the right-hand shoulder. kristen and eric? >> it is 6:53.
6:52 am
five things to know before you go.
6:53 am
>> 6:54 on thursday morning. the sun is rising in the east. the backup on the bay bridge is being monitored. mike will tell you more about the cold. sue will, too. >> here are five things to know before you go, number one, breaking news from algeria, where security officials are reporting 20 hostages including some americans escaped from their islamic militant kidnapper s. a short time later the militants claimed algerian airstrike left many of the hostages dead. so far, no statement from u.s. officials. "good morning america" will have a west coast like special show with the latest from algeria.
6:54 am
>> a global grounding of boeing 787 dreamliner this morning. overnight five important airlines joined the f.a.a. in grounding the revolutionary jets while battery-related problems are investigated. >> developing news involving lance armstrong. the international olympic committee stripped him of the bronze medal from the 2th games mores before the interview with oprah is scheduled to air. he is expected to confess to doping throughout the career which he denied for years. >> san francisco mayor will launch a new project to display restaurant health rating in the city online through the consumer site yelp, to help get government information to the public. >> number five, two dozen of the best surfers from around the world are on the way to the san mateo county coast and the surf contest if the first time in three years, the maverick
6:55 am
invitational, will take place on sunday. hopefully we will have warmer temperatures, too. >> mike, final check on weather? >> sneaker waves on saturday. big waves and rip current on sunday is the dangerous at the beach over the week end. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's. you can see our first story for today is the "spare the air" day and the secondtory is -- second story is the fog and the cool temperatures causing black ice. upper 50's today to low 60's. energy the sunshine. >> the worst commutes of the morning is bay bridge early stall incline section long gone but backup through the macarthur maze and that again is a stall that has thinged jammed up. carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is 25 minutes. at the bay bridge not including the backup from the toll plaza and up and over into san francisco, 18 minutes and add another ten and the alternate san mateo bridge is 17-minute
6:56 am
drive. >> take the helicopter! captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america.
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breaking right now -- a military operation is under way to free american hostages. conflicts and contradicting accounts right now about efforts at natural gas facility overseas. held by this man, he's called mr. marlboro. whiteout. a frigid winter blast on track to hit the northeast today. what's behind the wild swings in weather. sam champion is tracking the latest. hoax and heartbreak. a college football superstar sweetheart died just hour before a big notre dame game. his grief made national headlines. was it all fake? we'll talk to the man who uncovered the explosive story. and she's the victoria's secret model in the middle of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. it's a cutthroat catfight over the future of one of the hottest models. and who really deserves the credit for making her a very famous face?


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